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Dirt Import and Export

Whether Import for fill or Export from a cut, we locate solutions. We seek to partner with our Customers to provide cost effective hauling to and from Construction sites. Our equipment and drivers are reliable, and show up to produce results. Production volumes of material can be located to meet requirements for both large or small Earthwork projects. Per load prices to either haul only or loading. hauling, and other site requirements can be made available. With transporting millions of cubic yards over the years, we've got you covered. Supervision or hauling and a variety of truck type requirements can be met. 

Import and Export Aggregates

Contera can supply projects requiring Base, Subbase, Concrete Aggregates, Structure Backfill, MSE, Sands, etc. We have the ability to purchase and haul or solely provide the trucking.  Pricing can be made available by the Ton, Cubic Yard, or by the Load.

Rental Equipment

Regardless if we own the equipment, we have the ability to source what is required. Either operated and maintained or as is, we can provide hourly rates.

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